Friday, November 7, 2014


It's Friday and I"m so glad!  I've had a super busy week setting my Booth for Christmas and also filled in a couple of days at the Shoppe.  Still love the creative side of my world and the entire process of bringing to life the things that live inside my head.  Just never have enough time to make, create or change up all the things I'm passionate about! 
Having a Booth is so much different than selling online.  Trust me when I tell you the things that sell on my website don't always move in my Booth.  Maybe it's a regional thing, but I kid you's waaaay different!  Forget trying to sell something pink locally...unless it's some rare and costly pink rose teacup destined for a collector or a custom order, the color does not move.  Period.  Although there are still tons of pink-lovers out there (and boy if you love pink YOU LOVE PINK!), I've moved away from working with it for the most part.  I still do special orders...but generally I stick with neutrals.  And for me, anything more things fashioned with vintage laces, trims, etc., well, forget it.  Those things are best sold online as you can better target the customer who is actually looking for those things (Pillows, Christmas Stockings, Sachets, etc.)...
The Suitcases you see above are new!  They were both purchased at a local store for only a few dollars and transformed with paint and transfer techniques.  I forgot to take a before picture (ARGH!), but I found them at a local discount store and they were originally black polka dot with a French/Paris design.
They were cute enough...but, I wanted to turn them into something vintage looking and useable in the farmhouse style home.  So, after spray painting the inside with metallic gold (easy cover up for all the color going on and I love how the original design comes through) I painted the exteriors with acrylic paint and stamped them with two of my favorite vintage French graphics!  They are great display pieces in my booth and pretty inexpensive to create!
Here's a shot of my Booth taken a few days ago....can't believe it's time to ready the store for the Holidays.  Wow!  This has been a fast-paced year for me.  How about you?
Things are always changing and after the first of the year I'm going to add some new elements...not sure yet just what I'm going to do, but something!
Oh...and just in case you think I've totally abandoned all I once are a couple of pictures of two Christmas Stockings I just recently uploaded to my website (both are sold).
 One in whites and creams...
And one in pink.  This one was purchased by new Nana for her sweet baby grand-girl!

Hope you are excited about the holidays like I am...


Thursday, October 30, 2014


About a week ago I found a rickety old piece of junk (Really!  Just a piece of junk...not junque!) at Goodwill for $15.  A huge cabinet style thingy (think TV cabinet) that was full of great wood...but honestly, a crummy find that was more than UGLEEEEE.  My Mr. AGPMan met me at the thrift, picked up the cabinet and hauled it home to his work shop.  Somehow he was able to salvage all the materials as I'm always needing odd sizes and cuts of wood in my business.  Plus the asking price was great!  The result is the bead-board display cabinet you see above.  All made with the reclaimed wood from the piece of Goodwill junk.  Took a while to dismantle the thing and pulling out all the old nails and hardware was a pain!  But, seeing what my guy was able to create from a pile of landfill destined debris makes my heart sing!
Just recently I started carrying a line of soy candles in my Booth called MIXTURE.  I love them because they are simple in style and come without labels, etc.  Finding a place to display them was a bit of a challenge because they are narrow (cylinder) and only about 4" tall.  The new cabinet was created with them in mind.  The perfectly spaced shelves are removable and makes them wonderful for showcasing other things as well.

I love being married to such a talented and creative man.

Don't you just love the photo of the two little girls above?  Wish I knew more about it.  Whenever I see it I just can't help but smile.

I imagine them as friends for life.

Through thick and thin...

Good and bad.

Happy and sad.

Plenty or want.

Blessings as you make your way through November with those you love.

Monday, October 20, 2014

~ALL GLITTERED UP and Then Some~

 This time of the year always ushers in a flurry of business.  Always thankful for that! 
I still love working with vintage images and graphics!  I noticed at Market in this past summer that the WOODLAND look is very popular once again!  

Everything is always changing!
 My Mr. AGPMan cut out over 100  wood pieces for me to use in these Glittered Christmas Hangers.
Here are some new decorative Bottles!  They are going onto my website later this evening.  A little time consuming to do the labels, but still fun!  My daughter, Adrienne, made the Bee Charm(s) out of a vintage image for me!  Love it!
Here's a picture of one of the Tattered Prairie Pins I have on my website.  I have another dozen to photograph and list today!
Right now I'm totally enjoying the FALL decor around my home (inside and outside) even though my head is into Christmas.  When someone is self-employed like I am the seasons have a tendency to get all jumbled up.  I have to start offering my wares early or people don't have time to decorate.  After all these years I've accepted it and it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Hope you are all doing great.  I love Blogging again and plan to share more with you soon!