Friday, September 19, 2014



The official FIRST DAY of AUTUMN isn't until September 23rd, but who's counting, right?  I love the mild weather we've been having and so enjoy having cooler days.  I'm also eager to share new thoughts with you...that is, if any of my old readers are still around and care to tag along.
So many changes this year and many more to come.  
I still have my Booth at Serendipity Market (Edmond, OK) and loving it more than ever.
I still JUNK with a passion and suppose I always will.
And...when I FEEL like it, I add something new to my REBECCA VINTAGE - A Gathering Place website.

My home continues along a path of metamorphic change.
I'll be sharing more about it soon...especially our never-ending kitchen and downstairs renovation...
(Our Achilles Heel!)
The kitchen portion of it has been ongoing for way too long now and we are BEYOND sick of it.  We do have our new fridge, sink, window, faucet, etc.  All the plumbing, wiring is done (huge, huge job) and the walls are now textured and painted and doors trimmed out.
But, our cabinets came in and then were sent back because of damage, poor painting and glazing and missing parts.
(Silent Scream Goes Here!)
At this point we are moving towards Plan B on the cabinets.  We found a style we LOVE, but they are so OUT of our BUDGET (like THOUSANDS OVER!!!) that my hubby is going to custom make them.  Am I totally on board with this?  Ummm...NO!  He's already overworked (and underpaid!) and making custom cabinets will take months given his available time.  But, convincing a do-it-yourselfer to NOT do-it-himself will take a miracle.

The one thing he opted NOT TO DO HIMESELF were the cabinets.  The company we chose dropped the ball (big time) and the quality was simply terrible.  They were expensive too...
(Totally bummed out!)

I'm sure my hubby's returning to school, his job loss in the middle of last year and the death of both of our fathers only eight weeks apart has played a huge part in the delay.  Not to mention landing a new job and getting settled into a new career... 

It's all been overwhelming.
My guy works a full time job and has done ALL the work alone.  That means only a couple of hours a night and Saturdays to work on everything...and little rest. :(

So...the beat (and work) goes on!!!  More pics to share with you soon!
For those of you who are wondering about my Miss K...  Well, she will be TWELVE in November and is no longer a wee little girl.  She'll pass me up in height this year (Boo!) and can no longer 'borrow' my cool shoes as her feet are bigger than mine.  I suspect she'll one day reach at least 5'8...she's going to be a tall girl.  She's grown up to be so precious~  Oh, and she LOVES her newly refashioned turquoise bedroom.

So, there you have it...where I am today.  Busy as ever and loving life so much.  I'm grateful for my health and so much more.

God is good.
All the time.


Monday, August 11, 2014

A Return to Blogging...

Dear Blogger Friends...

I've had so many of you write and ask if I was ever going to return to blogging and so I thought today I would post an answer...  Thank you to those of you who've remembered me and prayed for my family over the past several months.  Your kindness has meant more than I can say.

My plans are to return to blogging in early Fall.  I want to update you on our kitchen remodel...(yeah...the one I we started about a decade ago)!  
Kidding...but it feels that way!.  

Quickly I will tell you that we all are fine.  I'm working at healing from the loss of my precious daddy while doing my best to celebrate his life instead of reliving his death.  It's been almost 6 months since he went to heaven and knowing where he is brings me a great deal of peace.  God is good.  Always.

I hope by the first part of September to slowly begin posting again...sooner if my plans go as I hope.  Much to share...if you are still interested.

Thank you again for giving me space and time to grieve.  I needed it.

Love to you...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


Dear Friends...

This morning the last of my family members pulled out of Oklahoma and headed back towards their homes.  With my father's sudden decline and ultimate death the last three weeks have been a whirlwind of activity.  I'm personally sustained by the memories I hold dear and for the legacy of love and forgiveness that was so much a part of my dad's life.

Today would have been his 84th birthday.

I can't begin to thank you all for your kindness to my family.  The cards, letters, notes, food, flowers, visits and prayers reached beyond the pale.  I haven't had to cook a single meal since my father became ill because of the loving kindness of others.  In addition, with the unbelievable benevolent help from my son's employer we were able to feed my dad's entire extended family who traveled up to Oklahoma from Texas.  Catered meals poured in via McAlister's Deli and I'm beyond humbled by their generosity and goodness.  At one sitting I had over 30 people in my home and I didn't have to prepare a single thing.  Everything was provided...down to the utensils and straws.  They did this three separate times, each time being better than the last.

I'm learning a great deal about paying it forward as I continue to grieve the loss of my father.  I hope one day I will be afforded the chance to do unto others as was done unto me.

God has been so good.

I'm sure in the future months I'll share more about the long goodbye that took more than a decade to unfold.  Right now I'd like to share with you the incredible video tribute my son, Brandon Kent, prepared in honor of his grandfather.  It's full of lovely pictures, some we had never seen, and beautiful music.  I hope you love it.

Blessings to you today.  Your continued prayers for my Mother are so greatly appreciated.

Love to you...