Monday, October 20, 2014

~ALL GLITTERED UP and Then Some~

 This time of the year always ushers in a flurry of business.  Always thankful for that! 
I still love working with vintage images and graphics!  I noticed at Market in this past summer than the WOODLAND look is very popular once again!  

Everything is always changing!
 My Mr. AGPMan cut out over 100  wood pieces for me to use in these Glittered Christmas Hangers.
Here are some new decorative Bottles!  They are going onto my website later this evening.  A little time consuming to do the labels, but still fun!  My daughter, Adrienne, made the Bee Charm(s) out of a vintage image for me!  Love it!
Here's a picture of one of the Tattered Prairie Pins I have on my website.  I have another dozen to photograph and list today!
Right now I'm totally enjoying the FALL decor around my home (inside and outside) even though my head is into Christmas.  When someone is self-employed like I am the seasons have a tendency to get all jumbled up.  I have to start offering my wares early or people don't have time to decorate.  After all these years I've accepted it and it doesn't bother me in the slightest.

Hope you are all doing great.  I love Blogging again and plan to share more with you soon!


Friday, October 17, 2014


I'm swamped with working on Christmas offerings, but just had to take a few seconds to show you the latest picture I snapped of my Miss K...

Can you believe how much she's grown over the past year or so?  Such a precious girl and moving up and onward!  She's still my only grandchild and I love her to the moon and back again.

More soon.  Pretty things to share over the next few days...


Thursday, October 9, 2014


Every year I spend a lot of time hunting down the different components for the Tattered Vintage Lace Stocking Hangers (Ornaments) I offer up at Christmas.  I just love making them and I'm always so happy to put the trims and laces to good use...
They are a lot easier to find than real VINTAGE FELT.
This year I've cut out 100 separate wool felt pieces for the petite Stocking Hanger Ornaments.
(That's the boring part!)
That is fifty more than I cut out last year...ran out of the wonderful old felt and the stuff you can find readily available today (from Michael's, Hobby Lobby, Hancocks, etc.) is crummy.  Argh!
They only offer Poly Felt and it pales in comparison to the vintage Wool Felt offered up until about the mid 1970's.  You can find new Wool Felt...but's so costly!

Christmas is just around the corner...can you believe it?  Thanksgiving is so close to it this year that it makes the the holiday season feel scrunched and rushed...  Sometimes it's a challenge starting Christmas during the Harvest time of the year...  But, if I don't I never catch up. to work I go.